Thursday, September 18, 2014

Weekend Picks, Including a Band of LFK Children, More Smutty Metaphors, and Spoon's Return

Thursday brings comedy and tacos to the Replay, but only three headliners are listed for tonight's "Good Time?"  Don't get lazy on us, Harpoon!!  The FB event page is here.

Surely the most adorable event of the week will be a group of musicians' children playing covers of Nirvana and such at the Replay matinee on Friday, as the opening act for Mr. and Mrs. Dodge (also adorable).  The FB event page is here.

Get a sneak peek of the children rockers tonight at 3rd Thursdays at the Percolator (along with short plays by local luminaries like Will Averill).  Details here.

LPL brings LFK's suddenly ever-present Patricia Lockwood to the library for a reading on Friday.  Expect to see a few clueless elderly attendees gasp in shock at the metaphors of the "smutty metaphor queen!"  We were happily on hand last week at her KU reading where she told students that her primary influence was "reading a fuckload of the Bible," called Daniel Tosh a "babyfucker," ordered everyone named Gary to identify themselves, and stunned everyone into submission with a devastating reading of "Rape Joke."

Frank's has got something going on this Saturday.  It looks like this:

Or return to the Replay once more for the most rocking show of the week that is also the most likely to include a bit of tapdancing (if you catch our Schwervon! reference).  Info here


And cap off the weekend with a big-name show at Liberty.  Pitchfork digs the hell out of Spoon's new album (we think): "Theirs is an in-between soul happily seeking limbo as its own destination. It's manly in an old-fashioned way, but still scuffed-up and vulnerable."

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Throwback Wednesday and the KC Pick of the Day: Die Antwoord

Sure, Wayne Coyne probably made his usual hamster-ball-rolling spectacle of himself at Crossroads KC last night but we suspect the best hijinks of the week will ensure at tonight's Die Antwoord show at Crossroads.  So today we present a "Throwback Wednesday" to Captain Chanute and Darling Nikki's dueling LC review of Die Antwoord's 2012 Liberty Hall show.  It's a post that, for whatever reason, has always racked up a number of hits for us (as did Cap's even earlier review of the first Die Antwoord album).  So why not score a few more hits.  Also, we're lazy today.

Now...who will review the Crossroads show for us?

Enjoy this first edition of "Throwback Wednesday!'

From Oct. 18, 2012:

Captain Chanute:   Ladies and Piels, today my ears are bleeding and I couldn’t be happier! A new era in Larryville Hip began last night and I was there to witness it firsthand. It was a veritable rehash of the Gothic War, as the S. African duo invaded Liberty Hall, flanked by a shirtless and masked DJ Hi-Tek and a giant inflatable penis, pillaging the crowd as they spouted their vulgar, brogued English and barbaric Afrikaans. Luckily enough, I wasn’t alone at the modern-day Adrianople.  I was accompanied by my perennially young girlfriend, Darling Nicky, a firebrand with the face of an angel and the mouth of a sailor. 

Darling Nicky: I can speak for myself, you dick.

CC: Alright. Well, the show was awesome! For me, it was an artistic masterpiece from start to finish as they commanded the stage for an hour and a half, holding their crotches with one hand and a middle finger high in the air with the other.

DN: Masterpiece? When a show begins with a song that goes “DJ Hi-Tek’s gonna fuck you in ass,” I hardly call that art.

CC: Maybe so, but the crowd was so Hip! Tons of scantily-clad vixens in tattered, sexy outfits. It was totally Zef! Amazing how Die Antwoord’s futuristic, streetwise style permeated the place.

DN: That likely speaks to the marketability of one country’s trash to another. I hear Honey Boo Boo is big in England right now.

CC: Well, either way, the crowd was electric! As the strobes flashed and the dubstep beats pulsed from the speakers, the rave-like crowd bounced and swayed in syncopation, singing along in dutiful worship to classics like “Evil Boy” and “Enter the Ninja.”  

DN I imagine the crowds at National Socialist Worker’s Party rallies in the early 30’s being pretty similar. 

CC:  Dude, I can’t believe you didn’t think the show was totally Hip!

DNI never said that. In fact, the show was easily the Hippest LFK has seen in years.

CC: What?! 

DN:  Yeah, when Ninja told the crowd that overconsumption would cause bugs to infest their asses, pulled security on stage to hump his leg, and then dawned a KU basketball jersey for the encore, I was sold.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Stuff We Like This Week: Royals! Protests! Banned Books!

After last night's thrilling come-from-behind victory, EVERYONE loves the Royals today!  But who knows? We may hate 'em before the night is over.  Photo via @MLB.

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There's not enough good old-fashioned ANGRY protesting in LFK these days.  So stop by the lawn of Strong Hall at KU today for the "Sit Down to Stand Up For Survivors of Sexual Assault" protest.  It's happening right now!  The FB event page is here.


And LPL's Banned Book trading cards have quickly become a beloved LFK tradition.  The new set will be unveiled at a ceremony Thursday evening at the library.  It's hosted by Edgar Allen Poe.  Details here.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Lawrence Restaurant Week Picks: From Shrimp and Grits to Giant Banana Splits (and Corndogs).

Broke scenesters can't afford to do too much in the way of Restaurant Week prix fixe sampling (with many of the prices hovering around $35).  But there are certainly more affordable prices out there as well for various specials.  Keep an eye on the official site for updated menus throughout the week.

Here are a few  items that caught our eye.

Terrebone is busting out the shrimp creole and grits!  $8.50

Ladybird dishes up a "giant banana split" for $12.99.  We're anxious to see a pic of this beast! (but they are closed today).

And Free State's dinner special (quoted below) sounds like a sophisticated feast fit for a king, though it contains no price listing..  We were hoping for a return of the old wedge-cut fries this week, but no such luck.

"Choucroute Garnie:  The classic meal from the Alsace region of France. Cured pork loin and our own thick cut bacon are grilled, along with smoked bratwurst and kielbasa sausage. They’re placed over seasoned and white wine sautéed sauerkraut and boiled baby potatoes.
Recommended beer pairing: Octoberfest or our special wine feature, Alsatian Riesling

Chip:  "I'm not sure if the 23rd Street Sonic is officially part of Restaurant Week, but they've promised 50 cent corndogs this evening. Ask them about it @23rdStreetSonic." 

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Weekend Picks: Comedy, Clipping, Vinyl, Foodies, and a Wonder Fair Patio Show

There's a surprising amount going on in LFK this weekend besides the big Seedco Harvest Fest we already showcased.

Kick off the weekend with a very special 9/11 edition of "Good Time" at the Replay, showcased (appropriately enough) by LFK's "master of melancholy," Mr. Chance Dibben.  The FB event page is here.

A better chance for actual political commentary kicks off after the comedy, with a stellar hip-hop show featuring LA's Clipping and LFK's Ebony Tusks and Heartfelt Anarchy. The FB event page is here.

There is always a music nerd stampede at the first night of the Audio Reader sale, which kicks off at the fairgrounds on Friday.


Put a bird on it!  Here's a poster for our pal Til Willis' show at Frank's on Friday.  FB event page here.

Saturday is reserved for SeedCo, obviously.

And on Sunday, Mount Eerie pops up on the patio at...Wonder Fair.  Yes, Wonder Fair has a patio.  Some of you may have discovered La Guerre playing out there during a recent summer Final Friday.  It's pretty cool, except for the Burger Stand grease smells wafting through.  But that's a small price to pay to see Mount Eerie and Your Friend.  Actually, it's a rather large price by Wonder Fair standards ($12).  The FB event page is here and 78 people claim to be going even though the space only holds 60.  We'll be listening from the Burger Stand back patio or possibly near the dumpsters.

And Lawrence Restaurant Week kicks off on Sunday.  We'll have more coverage next week.  Chip is excited about sampling the prix fixe menu at Pickleman's.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Nerd Nite 31 Preview: Nick at (Nerd) Nite

Last month's Nerd Nite was full of old-school ELFK community activists who don't tweet but tonight's pop culture-centric edition is sure to be full of social media-savvy folks waxing nostalgic about Saved By the Bell and such.  The FB event page is here.

The presentations are:

Mathew Klickstein: "Boogers, Burps and Farts: Revisiting Classic Nickelodeon Because It Was Just That Fucking Rad(ical)"

Jon Niccum: "The Worst Gig: Failure as an Art"

Paul Santos: "Unexpected Felt: Puppets, Beards, and Dramatic Tension"

This may be the first time the word "fuck" has been included in a presentation title, but don't quote us on that.  Either way, the presentation itself is still unlikely to drop more f-bombs than Jai Nitz's legendary "fuck"-filled lecture.

We're particularly excited about Niccum's lecture, especially since we've been too lazy to read his book thus far.  Maybe we'll win a copy as a door prize?  Plus, we hear Nerd Nite beer coozies are now on sale!  And stay late for screenings of Nick at Nite material (there better be drinking games involved!).


Buy the book! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Preposterous Sport of the Week: Bubble Soccer Arrives in LFK / Festival of the Week: Seedco Harvest Festival

Sure, the people watching and the hijinks in the stands at KVKL kickball are a lot of fun, but the games themselves are generally boring as dirt unless you're playing in one.  We're looking for a sport that's ridiculous ON the field.  Luckily, Bubble Soccer has arrived in LFK and will be taking over Watson Park for a few weeks of matches.  Yes, it's a game where you're encased in a bubble except for your legs and you smash into each other and roll around and shit.  Like this:

Check out the Lawrence Bubble Soccer page on FB here.


Sadly, summer festival season is over.  But, luckily, fall festival season has arrived.  SeedCo hosts a SeedCo Harvest Festival on Saturday in ELFK and the forecast is looking appropriately autumnal (or maybe more like winter, with lows in the fucking 30s already).  The FB event page promises 8 bands, 21 visual artists, and 16 food and drink vendors. $8 in advance and $10 at the door.   Sure, it's the same bands you see every night at Replay and Jackpot, but they're all in one place, and with music and art.  Don't pretend like you won't attend.  Hopefully Dean Monkey and the Dropouts are planning some kind of pagan harvest ritual in their doo-wop set.  Official website here